“ Ideas are easy. Implementation is hard [guy kawasak] ”

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Corporate entrepreneurship responsibility has finally caught up with us as we witness greater commitment from the private sector towards the empowerment and support of start up and small businesses, particularly within their respective local landscape.

Whether this is due to corporate social responsibility goals within the local community, or due a vision of the SME sector being vital to a healthy economy, corporate contribution plays a critical role in this equation.

In our work we have accepted engagements with corporate, with government, and with the NGO/non-profit clients, designing and/or delivering a range of entrepreneurship development activities, which include:

Custom Entrepreneurship Programs & Competitions;

Developing Acceleration Programs & Advising on Acceleration Models;

Angel Roundtables & Angel Training:

Entrepreneurship Training and Learning Tracks:

Demo days/ Hackathons;

Our commitment to this space has resulted in Imtiaz co-founding three regional, social/non profit, platforms supporting young talent through the vehicle of a mobile challenge endorsed and hosted by the Mobile World Congress every year. Please check www.arabmobilechallenge.com http://www.eurasiamobilechallenge.com http://www.mobilechallengeafrica.com



What is innovation really all about?

Speaking Engagements

Very high caliber academic and industry speakers can be made available to speak about the topic. We have spoken at a wide range of events, and can recommend the right person for the right event.

To us, innovation is ultimately about staying relevant. We believe that innovation and innovating is a ‘culture’ and not an exercise. For organizations to have a sustainable competitive advantage in the marketplace, and to grow through continuous creation of effective processes, products and ideas, a culture of innovation is a pre-requisite.

This is an area that is growing in importance because everyone is realizing that innovation is multi-faceted in that it affects the organisation, the people, and the output – whether it be processes, products or ideas. It’s a viral state that impacts an organisation at its very core, and therefore its chances of success. Our work in Innovation includes the following:

Speaking Engagements

Very high caliber academic and industry speakers can be made available to speak about the topic. We have spoken at a wide range of events, and can recommend the right person for the right event.

Applied Innovation Module

This is a custom program that has not match in the region, combining both academic and practical components, with measurable results. It was designed specifically to cater for organizations that truly want to create a ‘culture of innovation’.

Custom Innovation Training Programs

These are independent modules/courses that can be customized to specific industry / organizational goals (such as awareness, or strategy or implementation).

Innovation Modules on Big Data

Yes we said it. Our faculty include specialists in big data, who can deliver both modules, speaking engagements and even webinars.



We have been invited to take part in several projects which are slightly out of the box. As program design and project management experts, we have the tools to scope, plan and implement most concepts we are presented with.

Clients will call on us to implement anything from technology proof of concepts, to industry roundtable discussions, to designing creative labs. We have done all of these, and more, and we are always happy to venture out to new projects.



Imtiaz Middle East was founded in Dubai-UAE in 2009, delivering local, regional and international engagements.

Our work focuses on program design and delivery in the areas of entrepreneurship development and applied innovation, and our expertise also include project planning and management, stakeholder management and implementation.

We think and behave like a business partners, and we act with all the passion and commitment you’d expect from a partner. We provide support, accept responsibility, share burdens and challenges, work towards a common goal and celebrate success when we get there.

We have regional and international partnerships and collaborations in the space, ensuring that what we offer you, will always be best in class, in line with the Imtiaz brand, bringing you excellence.


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